There are currently no known issues with our networks or telehealth platforms. Please stay in touch with your provider by other communication means, (i.e. phone or email if you are experiencing any issues at this time with Theranest.) We may redirect you to Psychology Today or another HIPAA compliant backup platform. Please check your telehealth services at this time to ensure the issue is not on your end.

How-To Video of Telehealth Session

To the right is a short 3 minute video of how your telehealth session should look and how to set it up.

Below is the Provider or Therapist Directory if you are having issues and need to reach out directly due to connection issues.

There are a few options for Telehealth. 1. Log into your Therapy Notes Portal and start the session from there 2. Obtain the link to the providers Psychology Today Telehealth Platform 3. Requests a Microsoft Teams link or 4. Fall back on phone options like facetime or Zoom

Provider Contact Points Table

CP Pro Contact DB