CP Steering Committee

Purpose Statement:

The Steering Committee is a type of internal union to stabilize and share power through providing a group to insure everyone has a a voice as stakeholders in Counseling Professionals PLLC and its mission. The Steering Committee is dedicated to advocating for and elevating the voices of our staff, clients, contractors, employees, and allies as we strive for equality for all. The Committee is crucial in providing company direction towards betterment while considering circumstances and risks. Our purpose is to offer insight into our growth and determine what is necessary to achieve it by p
lanning for the future. The Steering Committee welcomes representatives, strategists, and leaders who ultimately foster an internal union within the company that serves as a balance of powers for honest, equitable, and shared mission through collaboration.

To sign up, start by reviewing the information below and then signing the Non-Disclosure Agreement

Our Mission

Counseling Professionals PLLC In an effort to create a progressive coalition within our company, the Steering Committee is formed as a growth-orientated commission that provides a voice to change. The Steering Committee centers around constant collaboration as a union of stakeholders with a purpose of fostering a belief in building a better world, improving life quality, increasing access to opportunity, and supporting the basic human rights of all.

Committee Leads


The Advocate represents stakeholders--staff, contractors, employees, and clients--and advocates for the people engaged in an alliance with the company. The Advocate considers the advancement of the individuals: their lives, their struggles, their growth, and how to improve their lives through company resources. The Advocate is the heart and soul of the company; responsible for maintaining our dedication to humanity. The Advocate does not represent the company, but instead weighs the security of current company benefits and services for those associated with the company and for the advancement of all in the future. The Advocate negotiates for the alliance and is elected by the stakeholders. The Advocate is aware and in tune with the alliance. The Advocate also must protect the alliance from itself if there is someone who does not stand for the long-term goals and advancement for the betterment of all. Advocates will bring the desires of the alliance to a vote and represent the decision of the majority. As a face to society, the Advocate supports each individual as a representative of the whole, with all being equal based on belief in the vision, mission, and values for which we stand.


The Arbiter holds the scales of stability in change and is the fulcrum between current stable systems and the implementation of advancement. The Arbiter is the balance between where the company is and where the company wants to be. They are problem solvers, plan devisors, and critical thinkers that work with factors, figures, systems, and resources to implement and captain change. They can adjust things as needed to insure the safety and strength of the alliance and company. The Arbiter works with the Archer and Advocate to set reasonable expectations and timelines, but also devises backup plans and safety measures. The Arbiter is not a risk-taker but is aware of the market's inherent risk and thus plans for trouble. The Arbiter works with legal resources, ethics, and community partners to navigate the path to company targets. The Arbiter is appointed by and agreed upon by both the Archer and the Advocate. If a multiple set of Advocates are chosen, then a vote by stakeholders can be sent to verify the Arbiter. The Arbiter is responsible for the ship and the safety of all who are on board and the safe passage to the future goals. The Arbiter is a truth-teller and manager who deals with reality.


The Archer represents the company as an entity and its resources. This position is either held by a company owner or a representative appointed by the company owners. They do not represent the company owners, but the health, well-being, and soul of the company as it was founded and intended to improve society. Their goal is to aim and move towards the company's goals, missions, and vision. The Archer also represents the Acheron--the underground river that is unseen, but molds the landscape upon which the company operates--by being aware of the systems and the situations that influence the outcome. The Archer keeps their eye on the target of the company and the different rings around the vision. The Archer is also aware of where the company stands, thinking dynamically to reach goals by considering time, influences, and strategy. The Archer aims while being aware of three rings: the company, the staff, and the customers. The Archer stands at the location of the last destination of decisions to take aim at the next target and strives to move toward even stronger places to stand. The Archer is to always stand for the vision of the company and advocate for the mission, systems, and purpose of all associated and allied with the company.

IMPORTANT NOTE: No role can vote on their own pay for their role or pay of any other company role that they may hold. All pay decisions are handled by the owners for 2022 to 2024 and re-evaluated at that time with the goal of passing off that responsibility for pay that goes to the steering committee roles or administrative roles be determined by Advocate and Vote by company staff, contractors, and employees who are provided information about the pay as it compares to the industry and hours of effort put forth in the task with the returns and benefits of those efforts. The outcome of that vote will then be approved and implemented by the Arbiter based on budget, income, growth, and stability of finances and put into place at a time when all factors align positively.


The optional role of a company owner if the Archer role is held by a representative and not an owner. The Archer or Vision roles can veto or step back from a goal or decision if a strategic decision manifests or presents any danger to the underlining vision, mission, and goals of the company. The vision is a non-paid role beyond any pay they may have from service.

Meeting Times

Time requirements for the group are minimal and flexible. There are recorded monthly meetings and voting on initiatives can be asynchronous. Questions are to be directed to representatives to be answered at the next meeting.

Times: Second Thursday of the Month, 12:00 pm

Location: Remote at this time. When at the location, it will be at the Voice Box, but will always be highbred virtual and in-person and asynchronous as well. Voting items will be posted as well as meeting videos.


Non-Disclosure Agreement

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