Client Groups

Social Connections

Sometimes it is easier to make progress when you feel the confirmation that others are striving for better just like you. We all face our own personal challenges, but the validation and support from those who face similar situations can help us feel supported in the struggle. Below are a list of groups by Operating (going on right now), Upcoming (going to start in the next 3 months if enough participants sign up), and a place to request new  groups to be sent out to CP providers.

Group Terms:

Open or Closed: 

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Operating Groups (Active)

Upcoming Groups (In Development and Open to Sign Up)

Asian Women's Support Group

Men's Poker Night
Stress Group

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Request a Group

We are always open to interest. Click here or the image to the left to provide a group we can share with our providers, assess interest, education, and appropriateness to lead and see what we can do. A request is not a commitment to host or an agreement of care.