New Provider Financial Expectations

Pay Estimate and Growth Calculator

Disclaimer: The Income Estimate Calculator is not a commitment income and does not establish any relationship between the user and Counseling Professionals PLLC or qualify as an agreement of any sort. The calculator is a snapshot tool and an estimate based on averages of data collected. Each individual provider is different. Income does vary based on my different circumstances and is also influenced by each providers schedule, clients, and choices. The calculator and the results are for educational purposes only and Counseling Professionals PLLC is not responsible for us of the Calculator, the data entered, or the accuracy of the output. Please use this tool responsibly.

Sustainable Providers

We want being a therapist to fit with your financial goals. We do not want your genuine counseling relationship with clients to be tainted by the need to make money. Counseling Professionals PLLC pays our providers as much as we can, provides benefits, and covers costs to empower our providers to stay resilient, to feel in control, and grow as providers.

Maintaining Client Relationships through Financial Empowerment

Counseling Professionals wants your relationship with your clients to take president. We support your relationship with your clients by:

  • Letting you take the lead

    • If a client is having a hard time paying, you can adjust your rate to fit the client's situation. You do not need to ask, but let us know for billing.

    • We want counseling to be affordable for everyone

    • We are also okay with you writing off debt or doing pro bono work. This impacts your pay and ours, but we feel it is important to adjust to the situation with the client

  • We are hear to back you

    • If a client ghosts you, we will work to collect, but if we do not, we will provide you will some compensation we call Session Safety Net

    • If a client no shows and you feel they have a good reason, we leave those late cancelation fees completely up to you. We encourage you to keep the relationship with the client and expect some cancelations in your budget.

    • If you need to say that Counseling Professionals PLLC is making you charge a late fee, we are okay with that as well as it is sometimes hard to put your foot down with a client.

  • We do ask you work with your clients and the billing team to establish accurate information for billing and collections to run smooth

    • Once we have our system set up, the client should be able to come and go with everything running smoothly in the background

    • If there is an issue, we will work with you to find what is the best path to collect and maintain the relationship you build with your client.

Monthly Pay, Costs Covered, and Financial Expectations

Reliable income is important and having trust in your company to make sure you can earn a living is a high priority for Counseling Professionals PLLC. We do not ask you to just trust that you will be paid. We back that trust with clear expectations and the highest degree of transparency. Part of this section is to set some expectations and provide details about how we strive for industry leading transparency. Below are some aspect that influence pay and helps to understand how Counseling Professionals Operates:

  • Pay in Monthly and is based on collections received from clients that month

    • If a provider has a session January 20th and the copay is collected on the 21st, but insurance covered the rest of the session on February 14th, then the provider will receive a portion of the pay collected in January and a portion of the pay collected in February.

    • The 1k split is reset every month. Every month, the total revenue is calculated and is split at 60% to the provider and 40% to Counseling Professionals and every dollar over 1k in revenue is split at 80% to the provider and 20% to the company.

      • The money collected for Counseling Professionals goes to overhead, medical records, growth

      • Counseling Professionals PLLC believes in equality and pay is based on collections and is the same for everyone, including CJ. He makes his income from his own counseling, consulting, and educational contributions and not off the work of others.

  • Pay is Disbursed based on Direct Deposit and is in the account between the 7th and the 15th

  • Every Month, we generate a 33 page report called the Monthly Payroll Statement. This includes:

    • Your Pay

      • Resources to know about taxes

    • Counseling Professionals Collections as a whole company

      • How much money Counseling Professionals has in it accounts

      • Its expenses

    • Pay Timelines

    • Company Updates

    • Your Client Debt for each client

      • What options we have for any debt issues

      • Total Outstanding debt

    • What collections we received from each client and from what source

    • Company Commitments

    • Therapist Industry Comparison for income based on government reporting

    • How much money you are making per hour

  • Other things we cover

    • Healthy Living Work Life options :

      • Based on your position within the company, we contribute to:

        • Child Care

        • Gym Membership

        • Community Programs

    • CE's through our partner CE Warehouse

    • Professional Liability Insurance

    • Psychology Today Costs

    • Session Safety Net - If a client does not pay, Counseling Professionals will compensate some of the lost income to the provider.

  • Employment Options are also available based on performance

    • These do have different financial splits due to some of the costs. We want them to be available and make everything a choice for providers to pick an employment option that is best for them based on where they are at as a provider.

    • This comes with:

      • Life insurance

      • Disability

      • Healthcare

      • 401k

      • Education

      • Financial Advising

      • EAP

      • HR Support

    • W2 Status for financial stability and more community support for loans

  • Administrative or Content Generation compensation