Benefits and Company Structure

Always Improving

The following work/life offerings and different programs that we offer are always expanding. We do not want to be the best, we strive to go beyond the industry and to be idea. We engage employees, staff, contractors, and community partners to always ask what we can provide, supplement, or enhance to help our people focus on what matters. These are some of offerings we have to help you balance work and life.

Support for Providers

  • Flexible Hours

  • Independent scheduling with clients for full control

  • We cover your personal Professional Liability Insurance

  • We pay the higher than industry standard

  • We have a fully cloud based HIPAA compliant medical record system for easy and reliable client focus

  • We cover your Psychology Today profile

  • We help get you credentialed with different insurance panels

  • We streamline and automate most of billing and support you and clients

  • We offer exceptional control over rates, pro bono clients, and sliding scales

  • We provide office space

  • Space for presentations and group work

  • Space for recording content

  • Templates for letters

  • Telehealth platforms, (3 for redundancy in case of technology issues)

  • We set aside funds to compensate our providers if we are unable to collect for any reason

  • We provide full accounting of clients and company standing every month

  • Full Transparency

  • Consulting Groups

  • Child care through local organizations at 2 hours a day

  • Gym memberships