Contract and Employment Pathways


Everyone comes in as a contractor unless your practice is merging with Counseling Professionals PLLC and those are taken case by case.

Review our Independent Contractor Agreement Here

Employment Options

Employment is not normal for the counseling and therapy industry. This removes many opportunities for consistency and stability in the industry which encourages many talented therapist to gravitate to facilities for stability that sacrifices pay and autonomy.  We aim to open up benefits, stability, and a pathway to progress in our therapists.  The more provider that join our team, we are able to build a community that gives us all bargaining power to build more stability in our industry and benefits and work life options.

Counseling Professionals PLLC offers three levels of employment and the only qualification is sustained performance for 3 months in revenue. Here are the the three positions:


All Revenue is at 60/40 Split Each Month, but Access to Full Benefit Elections

Offered at 5k in Revenue on Average

Senior Associate Provider

First 1k Revenue is at 60/40 Split, but each additional dollar that month is a 70/30 Split with full Access to Benefits Elections

Offered at 7k in Revenue on Average

Senior Provider

First 1 k Revenue is at 60/40 Split, but Each Additional Dollar that Month is at the 80/20 Split with Full Access to Benefits Elections

Offered at 9k in Revenue on Average

What Would CJ Do

Only For Company Staff to Access
We want to allow our providers to have options. Making a choice on employment is tough and we work to make being a contractor similar to being an employee, but there are real benefits to being an employee that are hard to set up for contractors and alternatives come at a high cost.  Every person's choice are going to be different with specific factors that need to be considered individually.  This video is only for General Information for in company staff. Link to Video

Once Onboard - Video Orientation is Here

Administrative/Project Options

These are offered on a case by case basis and depends on company budget and is temporary.

Maintenance Task

These are normal tasks that the company needs performed like database updates or reviews. These happen more regularly and assign to others, but may need additional support. Paid Hourly.

Project Task

These are specific cases that need some collaborative work to get a project done.  This website is a great example. These jobs are paid for a set number of hours, A provider may receive 150 dollars to do a project with the assumption being 10 hours to do.

Content Generation

Content generation does not generate any income when making, but does use Counseling Professionals PLLC resources. Once the presentation is used, the provider makes portion of the content generated and distributed by the company. Case by Case.

Special Roles

Counseling Professional PLLC has a few special roles. These are a few special roles or leadership positions that generate some income  based around aiding in the company's functioning and reporting structure.

Office Lead

Counseling Professionals PLLC is looking to grow the number of locations.  An office lead helps find and manage a location, recruit providers, and be a source of contact for the company. The tasks are minor, but there are some benefits and small compensation. 

Committee Lead

Committee leads have to put in some extra time in representing the companies growth and provider interests. There are only 3 leads and the steering committee meets once a month. Pay is 15 dollars an hour, but it is a positive leadership role in the company. 

Social Host

Counseling Professionals PLLC wants to put support behind being a team. When a provide leads a social committee or consulting group, special time or resources for that can be compensated by the company. 

If you would be interested in any of these roles within the company, please let CJ know and we can work at the steering committee to help you group.