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ūüďĚ TO DO: complete this form to get your new required CP PDS sent to you! We've created a robust PDS that is industry leading. All providers will need to use above link to get your new PDS sent to you. This new PDS helps CP streamline applying for and getting better rates from insurance companies.

ūüďÜ Please apply for licensure renewal at least 3 months before your expiration date! There have been reports that the renewal process have been significantly slower than normal. When your license is approved for renewal, reach out to CJ and Emily to update things on their end.¬†

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important updates, company stances, payroll, frequently used forms, office hours, who to contact with questions, employment status options, free CEUs, billing FAQ, Therapy Notes FAQ, and general CP FAQ. 

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I have a new client, now what?

(in development)

Common questions providers have throughout treatment

(in development)

My client needs to discharge, now what?

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Important Company Stances

The above links [videos and PowerPoints] are company confidential. Only company staff, contractors , and employees have access. All rights are reserved. No copies or applications of part or all of the presentation PowerPoint, or video can be copied or distributed without written permission from Counseling Professionals ownership. For questions, please email

CP Payment Information 

scroll down to learn more about 

w2 (employee) vs 1099 (contract)

positions at CP

Access tools to use during session. 

Increase your effectiveness in session with tools such as YouTube Videos, visual aids, assessments, and more!

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Not sure who to contact with questions?

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Employment and 

Benefits at CP

Employment (w2) versus Contract (1099) Positions

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1099 Contractor: A provider who operates under a contract to render services to the community for Counseling Professionals PLLC for a limited term and continues monthly, unless otherwise stated in writing, who seek to operate independently, manage and execute expenses, financial record, and tax withholdings individually, and manage their case load within general company guidelines required of medical, board, and industry regulations and only represents the company in image, but not in business operations.

W2 Provider: A provider who operates in alignment with the overall mission of the company in perpetuity with the intent of growing Counseling Professionals PLLC in mission, community impact, economic presence, and operations including the trained specialty areas of training, projects for growth of the company, represents themselves as an individual in medical care, but the company in community involvement where directed and is responsible for the growth and development of business operations in the long term.

How do I qualify for w2 employment? 

W2 Offerings are only available on the following conditions and will not be offered again for the period of 1 year from the previous offer unless one of the Bonofied Occupational Qualifications changes and qualifies the provider for a different position based on skill and performance for additional offering. 

Benefit- CEUs


1) Any provider hired prior to 12/31/2020 will be grandfathered into CE Access

2) Has gross revenue to the company of over $1,000

3) New hires will be given access for 12 months and are requested to complete 2 CE per week until fully Onboarded. When generating 1,000 in revenue per month, provider may keep the access at no cost. Providers will lose access after 12 months if unable to generate 1,000 in revenue per month.

How to Sign Up

CP pays access for CEU per provider, and access to the program depends on what type of license you have. Therefore, please email Timea if you would like access at and indicate the following information according to your license:

1. You would like to sign up for ContinuEd if you are an LCSW/A

2. You would like to sign up for CE4Less if you are an LCMHC/A

Timea will then set up your access and an email will be sent to you from the CEs you signed up with to be able to create a login for yourself.

Additional Notes:

- 1099 Contractors are requested to do 2 CE's per month.

- W2 Employees are required to do 2 CE's per month on average per year.

- No outside Continuing Education is financially covered by CP.

- Outside Continuing Educations may be requested if part of a larger revenue generating project

- Counseling Professionals PLLC is NOT responsible for keeping track of your Continuing Education hours

- Counseling Professionals PLLC is working on a report of CE's to be included in your online profile, marketing materials, and in networking with community partners

- W2 employees are required to report their hours when that report is developed and published

- Any issues with the Continuing Education system is to be addressed with the CE you signed up with and not Counseling Professionals staff. (contact ContinuEd if you are an LCSW/A ... contact CE4Less if you are an LCMHC/A)

Feedback about the CE’s system or general questions can be sent to

Benefit- YMCA Membership

Click here to sign up.

Benefit- Consultation Groups

Click here to sign up.

Benefits for w2 Status Employees

You only qualify for these if you are a w2 employee at CP. 

If you are a contract/1099 employee, see below on how to qualify for w2 employment. 

How do I qualify for w2 employment? 

W2 Offerings are only available on the following conditions and will not be offered again for the period of 1 year from the previous offer unless one of the Bonofied Occupational Qualifications changes and qualifies the provider for a different position based on skill and performance for additional offering. 

Still have questions? 

See our FAQ pages below

‚Ěď FAQ - General

(Page still in development)

I got fully licensed or I have a new credentialing (yay!), how do I update everything?

         * contact if you have any questions.  

I renewed my license, who do I need to inform?

How do I inform CP of a recent address change?

What should I do if I want to take time off/vacation?

1) when possible, inform your clients well before you take time off.

2) set a blackout on your therapy notes calendar. To do so, go to make a "session" and select "vacation/black out period." This stops clients from being able to schedule sessions on their portal when you are away. 

3) set your Outlook to Out of Office with an Automated response (example below) that includes your dates away, emergency resources, and other CP resources. If you are away for more than one week, ask a fellow provider at CP to act as a back up for general questions. If gone for more than 3 weeks, mark that you are not taking new clients. 


Thank you for your email. I will be out of office ____ - ____ and will respond to your email as soon as I can when I return. If you are experiencing a mental health crisis please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. If you have an urgent billing concern, please contact our billing team at For all other questions please contact Casey Kenny at 

What qualifies me to switch from 1099 to w2 employment status?

W2 Offerings are only available on the following conditions and will not be offered again for the period of 1 year from the previous offer unless one of the Bonofied Occupational Qualifications changes and qualifies the provider for a different position based on skill and performance for additional offering. 

Once I am a w2 provider, what type of w2 provider statuses are there?

How do a transfer a client?

How do I print at the CP offices?

I got a notice from Berxi (professional liability insurance), what should I do next?

What are Counseling Professionals Best Practices?

How can I access the employee handbook?

What is our fax number?

How do I send a fax?

Does CP pay for CEUs or supervision?

How do I setup out-of-office replies while I'm gone?

When do I need to get a Release of Information (ROI)?

My name changed, how do I update everything?

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ūüí≤ FAQ- Billing

How do I update client's Credit Card?

What are the differences between the "Billing" tab and "Billing Settings" tab?


Billing Settings

Billing Comments

^Still email Jan and Taylor these updates.*


Saved Credit/Debit Cards

What session code should I use for EAP (employee assistance program) sessions? 

What insurances are CP in network with?

Will depend on the provider and where they are at in the on boarding process.

What are the current up to date insurance pay rates? (and how long does it take to be credentialed?)  

           BCBS $100 to $170  (2 weeks to 1 month to have a provider added to our group credentialing)

          MedCost $100 to $120 (1 to 2 months to add to our group credentialing)

          Cigna $60 to $100 (1 to 2 months to get individually credentialed) (No Associate Levels)

          VA Medicare $150-$180 (2 weeks to get individually credentialed) 

           Aetna $80 to $110 (2 to 6 months group or independent credentialing)

          Beacon (Aetna EAP) $75 (2 months group credentialing)

          Ambetter $80 to $110 (2 to 6 months group or independent credentialing)

How do I create a client's billing statement?

You can go to:

How do I create a superbill? 

You can go to: 

Why are my clients are seeing a balance on the portal, even when the session has not gone through insurance yet?

How can I help client's navigate their InstaMed HSA?

If someone has InstaMed as their HSA, the claim may go to InstaMed, but they will not pay unless the patient does the following:

1.    Go to

2.    Enter…

a.     the name of the Group (Counseling Professionals)

b.    AND the city and state (RALEIGH, NC)

3.    The Group will populate

4.    "Make a Payment"-

a.    enter email,

b.    enter patient ID,

c.     enter Last Name,

d.    enter zip code


When the patient makes the payment through Instamed, they would receive an email immediately after submission with a receipt.

·       If they don't receive the email, the payment did not go through.


If the subscriber has any questions on the process, they can call Instamed and they will walk them through the payment. process. 215-789-3680.

Still have questions? Contact Casey at

ūüí≤ FAQ- EAPs

Important to know:

How to bill:

After EAP runs out:

What if a client switches from EAP to normal insurance?

Still have questions? Contact Casey at

ūüĆźFAQ- Therapy Notes¬†

How do I make a client contact note (for phone calls, consultations, etc)?

Can I change a client diagnosis?

How do I navigate couples counseling portal information? Do both of them fill out the information? 

How do a set up a client who is a minor in Therapy Notes?

Why does another provider's treatment plan show up on the progress note entry page? 

I am starting with a transfer client (from another CP provider), what steps do I need to take?

I see on my to do list a suggestion to terminate a client, what should I do?

(1) if the client schedules randomly throughout the year- ignore it and exit out everytime it pops up.

(2) temporary termination- create a termination note and including termination is temporary where the client is able to return to counseling with the provider when the client is ready and that no referrals to other internal or external providers are needed at this time...also note reason for temporary termination 

(3) client graduates from therapy- create basic termination note and note you discussed plans to return to therapy if needed in the future

(4) client and therapist are ending the therapeutic relationship for other reasons- create termination note with reason (counselor leaving, no longer best clinical fit, client requested another therapist, etc.) with options for future counseling you discussed with client including two referrals to other providers. 

(5) other- reach out to the client and check in to see if they would like to schedule or if (1) through (4) need to be implemented. 

I lost my device I use for 2 factor authentication log in, what should I do next?

I do not recognize a client that made a regular appointment with me?

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