Provider and
Community Commitment

Provider Commitment and Community/Social Commitment

Counseling Professionals PLLC appreciates that people have a set of views that have a root that makes sense to them based on their history, experiences, and associations. We ask that our providers be open to hearing and understanding other's views and journeys. We recognize society is struggling with providing equal opportunity for all and we challenge our providers to grow in social awareness to facilitate opportunity in oppressed communities and groups. We feel that it is essential to be an advocate for our clients, no matter their ethnic, cultural, socio-economic level, and gender identity. We want to help our clients have constructive means to pursue their best opportunities in life to be a constructive member of society and be a strong individual voice in the community and a good representative for healthy living.

Commitment to Staff and Clients

Pledge to Providers

Counseling Professionals PLLC pledges to providers and clients to maximize your opportunities to grow and improve society. We commit to operate in a collaborative relationship and in mutual effort to the improvement of life personally, locally, and globally through counseling and community advocacy.

To fulfill this pledge and avoid conflict in the pursuit of Counseling Professionals PLLC mission, we set our values as below and the priorities in decision making as outlined below:

1) Always try our best

2) Treat everyone's time with respect and communicate in a timely manner

3) Treat everyone with respect and kindness

4) Be open and honest to address any issue in a collaborative way

5) Receive feedback constructively

6) Learn from mistakes

7) Treat everyone as unique and special in their life experience to appreciate their perspective

8) Be equitable and fair in operations after taking into account factors of each situation

9) Take reasonable risks in implementing feedback into stable growth and change

10) Be financially responsible in implementing change to make progress sustainable

11) Open growth for all by sharing opportunities and education

12) Share growth process to increase learning for all within CP community and spheres of collaboration

13) Keep our word in our growth and support

We pledge to the above as a path of reconciling the ideal and the real as we grow. “Change is good, change in necessary, and change produces results.” -Unknown Author. Equal to the change is how we change. The character that we imbibe in Counseling Professionals PLLC is measured in both our progress and how we change. Change is a natural force that is hidden in the unknowns of tomorrow. As we face knowledge from experience and must change, we have an obligation to accept change and, in that change, we commit to changing for the better in a responsible way.

The above is a blueprint of how we address the unknown and make progress once known. I, CJ Leach as the owner of Counseling Professionals PLLC, want our team of visionaries, truth tellers, and impassioned purveyors of the future to stand in confidence as we move forward. We will face the unknown through planning and learning, but most of all, we face the unknown with confidence by learning together, from and with each other. As medical professionals, we aim to do no harm. We can and expect to do our best. This year and moving forward, we will continue to grow our community and empower each to effect positive change. I pledge that I and Counseling Professionals PLLC will stand with you, your clients, and the community through good times and bad. Though we may grow our numbers, we will value each of us as individuals who share a common goal and a shared drive for better. We are more than perfect; we are in pursuit of better and commit to growing beyond whatever we defined as perfect yesterday by basking in the light of knowledge gained from today. Counseling Professionals PLLC pledges to stand with you as you grow and provide a safe place to grow. Counseling Professionals PLLC pledges as an organization to grow to be an organization that you are proud to be a part of and help grow.

Social Change Commitment

Declaration of Commitment to Racial, Cultural, and Identity Equality

Purpose Statement of Role –

Counseling Professionals PLLC, its employees and provider’s commitment to the progress of social equity as a community partner in ensuring, recognizing, and enriching the basic human rights of all people to live free of prejudice, persecution and obstruction of opportunity.

Tenants of Working with Counseling Professionals PLLC to be a Community Ally

Counseling Professionals PLLC as a community involved organization recognizes:

  • The existence and pervasiveness of systemic racism within the workplace

  • That there is disproportionate opportunity, scrutiny, and penalties based on race, belief system, and cultural identity

  • That positions of leadership and influence from government, private industry, educational institutions, and community involvement are held back from minority members of the community including African Americans, Indigenous and American Minority People of Color.

  • That there is no neutrality that can effect change or strengthen our society. We recognize multicultural difference

  • Change comes from a commitment to support those who want opportunity and back that desire with action, including all individuals of self-determination being treated equally

  • Historical and social prejudices in the misdiagnosis and treatment of individuals/groups

By being a part of Counseling Professionals PLLC, recognize together as employee and employer that hope rings hollow without awareness, responsibility, and action to effect change. By recognizing and accepting the above, we stand as responsible allies to act in accordance to build a better society. To fulfill this responsibility so, we will:

  • Seek to understand the impact of bias, prejudge, racism, and their roots

  • Work to educate ourselves as individuals, as a team, and be a beacon of honesty and best practices for equality and systemic progress in equality as bias comes to light

  • Seek to recognize flaws in systems that facilitate behaviors that are divisive and work to take decisive action to help improve the system to correct the issues, grow from the awareness, and implement preventative actions to insure resilience from regression in the future

  • Take steps to expand diversity in hiring and create a representative workforce within our organization that is representative of the diversity in broader society in all areas of operations and leadership

  • Focus on progress, forgive past transgressions, and focus on the future betterment of all

  • Commit to investing time and resources towards creating opportunities for those within all racial, cultural, and belief groups for those who request and commit to those opportunities with equal time, commitment, and effort. We recognize the importance of working toward becoming more aware of and addressing biases.

We solemnly pledge and declare that as a representative member of Counseling Professionals PLLC beliefs and value as an employee and as an active ally for change, that we will be engaged and act in cause and interest to the above declarations and responsibilities. We will regularly engage in education, meetings, and organization to increase racial, cultural, social, and belief equity in our community. We will do our best to build a strong coalition of support and outreach to support our role as an individual and organization in improving local resources, charities, and community opportunity.