Office #1005
7330 Cary NC 27607

Office Location on Map

Special Notes:

Office is in the big white building to the right when entering the parking log.

Office 203 is upstairs down on the left

When coming from the Highway, there are 2 entrances before the light, best and easiest to turn right at first one and part to the immediate right.

Office Lead

Paige Orlandi-Holmes MEd, NCC, LCMHCA

Email: Paige Orlandi-Holmes

Outside Office Pictures

Please contact our office lead if you have feedback about the office or its staff. We do lease the space and are limited in our location updates, but can pass on feedback structurally. 

Office Layout

Please wait in the waiting room for your provider to come and let you know when to come back to the offices.

Provider Resources and Office Hours Request Form for Location