College Student Support Group


Disclaimer: This is an official counseling group and will require signing up and screening, which means signing medical forms. It is easy, but we want you all to be aware.

When: Weekly on Wednesday nights from 6:00 pm to 7 pm starting April 3rd (4 weeks long)

Where: Virtual. A link will be sent out to group members  prior to each session. 

Who: Undergraduate and Graduate students who will be graduating in May 2024. The host is Daiton.

What We Discuss:  Boundaries in school and personal lives, task and stress management, managing burnout and maintaining emotion, and planning for life after graduation.

Cost: $10 per group session ($40 total)

How to Sign Up: This link or the link above

Contact Points: Daiton Brolin


Question: This group is perfect for my partner/friend/sibling, can I sign them up?
Answer: No, they need to sign up on their own.

Question: What is the cost?
Answer: $10 per session, $40 total

Question: Can I bring a friend?
Answer: Everyone who joins the group must go through the screening process and be approved.