About Us

Defining Elements that Compose Counseling Professionals PLLC Company Identity

To live up to our core vision of providing opportunities, we use our mission, values, and guiding principles to help us outline what we do and how we want to operate ethically and responsibly in providing opportunities for others and our team. To know who we are, learn what those elements are...

Core Vision - Why we do what we do, our passion and heart, and why we wake up in the morning.

Mission - What we do to direct our vision into actions and the banner we rally around.

Values - The traits we share in pursuing our mission that support the drive to keep moving forward.

Guiding Principles - How we get progress is greater than what we achieve.

Who are we?

Our Core Vision

We believe in providing opportunity for progress.

This includes opportunities for people to live better lives, providers to help clients, access to resources, and the opportunities for success and happiness for all. Finding, supporting, and facilitating opportunity in client lives, the community, and the world is what drives us.

Our Mission

Streamline and improve life, living, and the pursuit of personal progress as it contributes to the advancement and opportunities of all.

Our Values

Guiding Principles

These are Counseling Professionals PLLC guiding principles for healthy and ethical growth and service :

1. Maintain stability through service, equity, and diversification

2. Develop an alliance of professionals who are compensated based on their work and not the work of others

3. Empower contractors, employees, and partners to focus on their job and skill set by continuously streamlining and automating for increased productivity, compensation, and opportunity for growth

4. Share information and maintain transparency with Contractors, Employees, and Partners

5. Make change continuous, small, and swift

6. Factor in the pursuit of growth in all endeavors

7. Factor in life balance for all Contractors, Employees, and Partners

8. Factor in humanity in all endeavors, structures, and projects

9. Reward effort and not success

10. Learn from successes and failures in all areas and apply that knowledge for future growth

We are
Counseling Professionals PLLC

We are people, parents, students, teachers, friends, and family members who use psychology to help others in the pursuit of opportunities for improving life, living, and the pursuit of progress. We are therapists and if you want to work with us, we look forward to hearing from you!

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