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Better Together

We are in an interesting field where competition is not conducive to success, but collaboration is. We seek to support both internal and external providers to be the best they can be for themselves and the community. Thank you for coming to this page and working with us to benefit our mutually shared goals, clients, and growth!



We cannot be all things to all clients. Therefore we are always growing to try to meet the ever expanding needs of our clients. This means we are always hiring good providers. Further, we are always working to improve our communication with other community organizations and individuals to build a better network of support.

Maybe you are thinking about starting your own practice or joining us. We welcome the community growth and are happy to help you either way. If you want to learn more about Counseling Professionals PLLC, you can here at Learn More About Counseling Professionals PLLC or see Request Free Operation Help form above.

Feedback or Recommendation on Resources and Referrals

We take our network of referral seriously. Our collaboration is from the outside and your experience is from the inside, so our recommendations may change based on your feedback along with others. Content changes over time and we appreciate your feedback for updates. If you want to provide feedback on a connection or content we reference, please do so and we will take your feedback seriously. This can be through the Feedback Form under Other

If you have additional resources you recommend or a community resource you believe is valuable to other clients, please your provider or let us know here and we will assign someone to verify the content or reach out to the community resource to see our options for recommendation or collaboration.

Important Note: By our governing ethical guidelines and company policies, Counseling Professionals PLLC and/or any of the contractors, employees or staff cannot receive any compensation for referrals or recommendations. All referrals and recommendation have to be in the best interest and honest intention of having well informed users of this website to make the best decisions on quality client services, community support, educational resources, and/or personal progress and advancement opportunities. Any compensation in any form for recommendation, referral, or reference will be returned. Any repeated attempts at preferred status or incentivizing preference will result in removal as a reference or resource. Increased status or recommendations comes from verified source feedback. Any compensation that is anonymous in nature will be donated to a Non-Profit of owner of this website's choice and documented if perceived as influence intended. If later identified as being influence intended, compensation will not be returned, but removal as a referral or recommended resource will be pursued at our earliest opportunity. If uncertain of appropriateness of any collaborative action, you can contact us here for evaluation of specific situation that we can submit to our governing board for review. Thank you for helping us maintain our credibility and high standards for community and client progress.

Client Support Groups

Women's Support Group

Living Arts Counseling | Wednesdays 5:30-7:00pm | March 2-May 4 | $40 per session (some probono spots available)