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Personal Statement

Why do you want to seek therapy? That is a question you might be asking yourself, and it is helpful to have an answer. Maybe you want some assistance with an issue that has you feeling "stuck." You need a sounding board for a recent divorce, breakup, death, or other (possibly unexpected) trauma. Perhaps you need to strategize how best to move forward and watching social media and making comparisons to others your age has left you feeling hopeless or alone. I believe I can help you to find the tools you need to move forward.

Life is challenging at times and even aging is something we may not have been raised to be prepared for. I am the person on the other side of the couch who listens without judging, interrupting, or turning the conversation back to myself as friends do. I use my expertise and life experience to brainstorm solutions that make sense for your world.

Therapy is one of the most amazing self-care steps you can take, and I look forward to meeting you and helping in any way I can.

About Me

Kristin Lawson's path to becoming a Pre-Licensed Professional at Counseling Professionals has been shaped by a deep passion for helping others and a commitment to making a difference. Reflecting on her unique experiences and challenges, she has embraced opportunities for growth and self-improvement, bringing authenticity and empathy to her work.

Having moved to North Carolina from rural Vermont, Kristin understands firsthand the lack of access to therapists in underserved areas. Recognizing the importance of support and collaboration for therapists, she sought colleagues and a supportive community at Counseling Professionals. As someone who had been self-employed for 25 years, she realized the value of connecting with others in the field.  She is eager to learn the intricacies of the therapy process through hands-on experience, and she is excited to shadow experienced therapists and form meaningful relationships with her colleagues. 

With her background in coaching and running a sex boutique, Kristin's uniquely positioned to tackle sex therapy—an often overlooked and stigmatized part of the field. She acknowledges the necessity of addressing the demand for therapy focused on sexual concerns, particularly among older adults who may find it uncomfortable to discuss such matters with younger therapists. These individuals also face invisibility in sex-related spaces due to assumptions of their lack of sexual activity. With 16 years of experience working with sex-related issues, she brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to this work. Kristin is seeking a renewed connection with her practice, saying: “I was working with trauma, and didn’t know how to go home at the end of the day with their stuff.” She turned to counseling to enhance her client interactions and ensure sustainable support while mitigating potential vicarious trauma.

In therapy, Kristin is drawn to Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) and person-centered work. She tailors sessions to the specific needs of clients, whether they involve sexual concerns or other areas of focus. Her eclectic approach ensures that she remains flexible and adaptable, prioritizing the well-being and progress of her clients above all else. Passionate about working with older adults, people experiencing life transitions, and with adoption, Kristin aims to bring a compassionate and empathetic approach. She strives to create a safe and supportive space where clients can explore their thoughts and emotions without judgment. She prioritizes being present with client’s needs, remarking that “I’m never going to be the therapist snoring or making my grocery list.” As an extroverted therapist, she brings an energetic presence and vibrant connection to the therapeutic relationship.

Outside of her work at Counseling Professionals, Kristin is focusing on building a fulfilling life in North Carolina. She fearlessly seeks new experiences and when seeking calm finds joy in activities such as playing the piano, engaging in cross-stitching projects, and indulging in binge-watching TV sessions with her dog, Buster.

Kristin is dedicated to dismantling the stigma surrounding mental health and therapy across generations. With the normalization of therapy among younger generations, she believes we are on the cusp of a boom in therapy, creating a promising future for the profession. Furthermore, she plans to build on her own work in the future by mentoring others who are going through the counseling degree process. For Kristin, this work is not just a profession—it is a deep passion. She approaches the work with an unwavering belief in the goodness of people and a genuine desire to help them. Her authenticity and exuberance in connecting with others demonstrate how she sees her work as a source of inspiration and fulfillment.

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