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Kind, caring, and compassionate. Help me help you!

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Alisa Truong, a dedicated and passionate pre-licensed professional, became part of the Counseling Professionals team in January 2023. Currently pursuing her Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Alisa joined Counseling Professionals to embark on the next stage of her therapeutic journey.

As an intern, Alisa appreciates the independence and flexibility she has in choosing her own clients and schedule. With no specific expectations when starting her journey, she has been able to focus on learning and growing. Alisa feels like an equal among her colleagues and appreciates the friendly and helpful environment, where resources are readily shared. The diverse range of providers, each with their unique perspectives and expertise, allows Alisa to continually develop her skills as she prepares for her future as a therapist.

“It is my passion to help others, whether it be from my own community or another community,” Alisa remarks. Alisa's passion for mental health stems from her personal experiences. Growing up, she witnessed a lack of Asian representation in mental health, which she believes contributes to the ongoing stigma surrounding it. After switching from biology to psychology in college, she was discouraged by a family friend who believed she would never find work in the mental health field as an Asian individual. However, this only fueled her determination to prove them wrong. Searching for Asian therapists for herself and her friends further solidified her resolve to become a successful mental health professional and actively contribute to addressing the scarcity of Asian therapists in the field.

Motivated by her desire to help her community, Alisa actively combats the stigma surrounding mental health through her involvement with her Buddhist temple and social media. She actively promotes mental health awareness, speaking to the need to break language barriers and improve the vocabulary around psychological terms. Alisa acknowledges the challenges she faces as the only Vietnamese-speaking therapist in the Triangle area and hopes for accessibility to continue to expand in the community.

Before joining Counseling Professionals, Alisa gained experience at Hope Services. As an associate professional, she worked with children and teens, focusing on cognitive-behavioral therapy and skills training. Engaging in group therapy allowed her to develop her ability to think on her feet and bring creativity to her work. Shifting gears as she entered graduate school, Alisa has found a sense of balance as a recruiter, which serves as her day job while she continues her education.

Alisa's theoretical grounding lies in DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy), CPT (Cognitive Processing Therapy), and psychodynamic approaches,  emphasizing inclusivity in her practice. She has a particular interest in personality disorders, trauma work, and grief therapy. Alisa aspires to become a more trauma-informed therapist, diving into deeper aspects of therapy. Alisa embraces the opportunity to work with adult clients from diverse backgrounds, meeting them wherever they may be on their journey. Whether clients seek goal-oriented strategies or require a safe space for processing, she tailors her approach accordingly. Alisa focuses on helping clients achieve their desired outcomes, stating, "I work well with individuals who possess strong ambition and a drive to improve their life circumstances." She finds immense joy in working with young adults, college students, and Asian clients, guiding them through life transitions, childhood trauma, and the uncertainties that come after graduation.

Ultimately, Alisa's hope for her clients is to foster mental stability, provide a fresh outlook on life, and equip them with the tools to overcome any challenge. With her authenticity and dedication, Alisa creates a therapeutic environment where clients are met without preconceived expectations.

Outside of her professional commitments, Alisa relishes new experiences. She describes herself as a foodie who loves trying new restaurants and cuisines, immersing herself in different cultures, attending raves and music festivals, and indulging in her love for art and drawing. An adrenaline junkie at heart, she seeks excitement through activities like skydiving and amusement park visits. As Alisa's graduation approaches in December, she eagerly awaits the next chapter of her journey, embracing new opportunities while continuing to make a positive impact on the mental health of individuals and her community.

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